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Emma and Andrew

What a perfect day  for Emma and Andrew.
The ceremony was held at the back of Woodbridge House and the reception at Riverside @ Woodbridge - an absolute little gem for a reception venue.
The cafe is run by Suzie, a lady with never ending energy. Her staff was forever helpful and delightful and everyone worked so hart to accommodate every ones wish. I was truly taken by it and Suzie has become quite an inspiration for me. She is planning to have her website up shortly, so I will share it with you soon.
You are planning a small intimate outdoor wedding, then this is the place for you. Suzie is also an excellent cook and everyone was raving about her food all night long. There was never a crumb left on any plates!
Samm Blake was the photographer, so when I get to see her beautiful work, I will add it to my blog, but for now you will have to be content with my photos.

Every guests got a button badge with their name on it. FABULOUS idea.
 7 cakes
 Cheese Board
I wish Emma and Andrew all the very best and thank you for sharing your beautiful day with me.
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Invite with Style - NEW collection

Anna from Invite with Style has been busy! So creative, original and her customer service is just THE BEST!
Something I value very highly. Anna is also designing my new website for me as I just adore her work. Having someone designing your website I think is very personal. Finding the right designer who has your vision and your best interest at heart, is the hardest task of all. Design with Style - so if you are a vendor who is reading this, check out her work.


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