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Deepa's Collection

Mary and Puranam have created a new business for Sarees - Salwar Khameez - Jewellery and much much more. The quality is just divine. Not only that they are both fabulous Ladies to deal with. If you need a Saree or Jewellery for an Indian Wedding check it out.

Deepa's Collection

Puranam 9456 1989
Mary 0409 104 431

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New Website

My new website is up and running. Check it out!

I would love some feedback.

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Morning tea with Kathy Lette

When I read my first book from Kathy Lette, I forgot to do my housework. Her way with words is just so colorful and funny. She launched a new book called 'To Love Honour and Betray'.
My favourite one is "How to kill your husband and other handy household hints". Very good advice!!

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Music for your wedding

Music is such a personal choice. Music can create different moods for anyone. Background music for dinner, cocktail music, ceremony music - music for dancing, choices are endless.
To create the right mood for your wedding day, you have to choose your music for the day.
Start a spread sheet as early as possible and collect the songs and artists of the music you both like to hear throughout your ceremony and reception.

While you can not walk down the aisle with a song from AC/DC in the church, you can if you have your ceremony in a park for example. Your guests may not like your choice of music for your processional, but please consider your guests at your reception or most of your guests will finish their 3 course meal before you even started!

Adrian from Goldbass Records, a top DJ, has combined all his knowledge from over 10 years into 2 websites.
They certainly will give you all the help you need to find your music and give it some structure in building your list. Secret Wedding Songs contains hundreds of songs for you to listen to. How easy is that!

The Wedding Reception Kit comes with all the right forms, you just have to fill in the blank spots. Fantastic ideas and great advice.

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