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Ellen and Daniel

This was special! The family was absolutely wonderful, the dresses were spectacular and the vendors were all terrific. A year in the making and it all came together with harmony. Is was a rather large wedding with 4 Bridesmaids and 4 Brides men - 7 Groomsmen a Page boy and a Flower girl.
Tania and Trish from Bridal Classic's did the hair and make-up.
Highly recommendable!

What a dress. Everything was made of the finest silk.

Look at those details - the lace - everything matching.

even the bags!

Brides men and Page boy

Flower girl

Black magic roses from Sydney. Helen from Jumping Jonquils (9201 1683) was amazing to work with. She takes huge pride in her work and her flowers were magnificent.
Church flowers

The happy couple and pss... they are sooo in love with each other.

Reception was at the Celtic Club. Great food and the service was fantastic. Thank you John Dixon!
Trust me, when I left it was empty!

Of course the cake was from Kakes by Karen.

This is the Lady who created magic with her fingers. She sewed non-stop for 6 months. A truly inspiring Lady. There were no patterns - everything was created from her imagination.
It was a full on day and I had little time to take photos. Daniel and Morgan from Shadowcast Images did and I will share them with you soon. Two very talented guys easy going and terrific to work with. Mike from Demic Video was the Videographer for the day.

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Please entertain your guests!

When I hold the budgets for my clients I see where the couple distributing their money.
50% of the budget is eaten up by the food and drinks for the reception.
Good food is fantastic and plenty of drinks is without a question, but please entertain your guests.
Don’t overlook the impact that entertainment will have on your guests. Be creative!

To start with, choose a great MC. He/she should be well prepared and have the knowledge of the timeline for reception. He/she should effectively direct the pacing and flow of the events.

Do play some unique games – search the internet for them. DJ’s can often help you with that.
Find those hidden talents in your family – may be some one can do some card tricks or would like to sing a song karaoke style.
Hire a floor show from an agency. Dancers performing a tango or some fire throwers.

Keep your guests involved and entertained and you and your guests will remember your wedding day forever!

BBC Entertainment might give you some inspirations.

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Real Weddings Magazine

Sally and Siva came to see me about their wedding back in February 2007. Sally was living in Sydney and Siva in Perth. They needed help as their wedding date was set for Saturday 25 August 2007. It was a pleasure in working with Sally. She had a certain vision of her special day and together we made it happen. The Ceremony was held at Christ Church Claremont following the reception at Matilda Bay Restaurant.
Many talented people were involved and worked very hart.

Alannah Rose: Her stationery is just breath taking and I have never experienced such brilliant customer service.
NK Photography: One of the most talented people I know and beautiful to work with.
InShot Productions: I always say if you would like a Steven Spielberg kind of video of your wedding, then they are your team!
Kakes by Karen: Her cakes not only look fantastic but they taste delicious too.
Holt Music: Naveen never had an empty dance floor.

Thank you Sally and Siva for sharing your journey with me.

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Krish and Paul

Recently I had the pleasure in working with Samm Blake. A young, beautiful and Oh! so talented photographer. I envy her for her never ending energy, which she needs as she is immensely popular. I can't wait till I have the pleasure again in working with her. Thanks Samm for sharing all those beautiful photos.

Beautiful Krish

Of course we had to have a Candy Buffet

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I have been tagged!

I 've bee tagged by the lovely Polka Dot Bride. This is my first time!

Here are the rules!
1. Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
2. Share 5 songs you are embarrassed to admit to others you like and tell why.
3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
4. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Here are my 5 songs which are a part of my life:

Michael Jackson - Blame it on the Boogie. An old song but like Polka Dot says:" How can you not just want to get up and boogie".

Mambo No 5 - A little bit of ... When my son was 3, he did the best dance routine ever to this song.

Darren Hayes - Insatiable. Oh so romantic!

Backstreet Boys - Get down. You're the one for me. The song was played everywhere when I met my husband. Every time I hear it - a trip down memory lane!

Rene Olstead - A love that will last. Love my Jazz!! After all I grew up in a Jazz cellar in Berlin.

Now I have to tag 7 others:

Natasja at NK Photography - Jennifer at Anna Rose - Cynthia at Cynthia Martyn Events - Liene at Blue Orchid Designs - Samm Blake at Samm Blake Photographer - Laura at Soiree Special Events - Tea at Link Artist Multimedia

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Bridal Expo 2008

The 22 annual Bridal Expo is on this weekend at the Burswood Entertainment Complex.
7 and 8 June
9:00am to 5:30pm
Entry: $15

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When we walked into Villa Kula's Showroom, it took our breath away. It was just like you stepped into another world. There are NO words to describe the experience we all had. One has to see it and truly appreciate the beauty of the tents with all the furniture combined with the right lights - Magic does happen. Karl and Vanessa the owners of Villa Kula were perfect hosts and Karl cooked the most delicious meal I ever had. I can not wait for Karl to continue his career as a chef, as I intend to be a very loyal customer! Vanessa has an eye for details and the way she combines textures with colours is just beautiful. 2 creative people and Perth is lucky to have them. We all had a fantastic time, a perfect way to finish an exhausting bridal season.

Vanessa - Jen from Anna Rose - Kristen from InShot Productions - Natasja from NK Photgraphy and me.

Natasja and Kristen warming up!Natasja having fun

Kristen making us all laugh

Laughing lot's makes you tired!

Thank you Natasja and Jen for sharing your photos with me.

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