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NEW Business Cards

I got some new business cards! Anna from Invite with Style designed them for me. She is talented, fast and such a pleasure to communicate with.

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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Paper Straws

I am so crazy about these paper straws. They are so much better than the plastic kind and you can get them from:

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Event Weather

In a typical day, there will be at least one decision we need to make that will involve risk. Risking our safety, money, convenience, time, health. Of course, with so many factors at play, consuming yourself with all the ‘what ifs’ is enough to drive you mad before you can even make your next call on where to go, what to bring or what date to pick. Why spoil some of life’s best pleasures when a drama can be so easily avoided?

When you are thinking of planning your wedding – one of the biggest days of your life – it could go one of two ways: you can throw it to the wind and hope it works out – or you could do some research and find out what sort of date will offer you the conditions you are looking for.

Afterall, when you invest so much into enjoying your special day, there is more at stake if things don’t go according to plan.

Now I can let you in on a secret - there is a service that can help you make the first, and important step in planning your wedding day – picking that all important date.

Event Weather is the only website available that gives you the highest probability weather conditions for any date up to a year in advance! Weather information is currently available for 14 Australian locations, including state capital cities and some major holiday destinations, so you could use it for your honeymoon too. The website is really easy to use, you just select the location and the date and a weather report is instantly generated. Each weather report has the minimum and maximum temperature, wind speed, likelihood of rainfall and relative humidity at two stages throughout the day – once at 9am and again at 3pm. You can see a sample report here.
Best of all, when members sign up to Event Weather, you automatically get three credits for free – so you can try out the service at no cost. And, when friends you invite join Event Weather, you get more free credits. Easy!
Try it out at
Quick Features
• On demand weather reports are instantly generated

• Free credits on sign up

• Monitors 14 locations around Australia including: Margaret River, Perth, Broome, Alice Springs, Ayers Rock, Brisbane, Cairns, the Gold Coast, Newcastle, Sydney and Melbourne.

• Available online, anytime 24/7

• All your reports are automatically saved to your profile

• Spread the word and be rewarded with free credits.

• You can update your profile or unsubscribe at any time

• Be sent frequent updates and offers via our newsletter or Facebook page.


• Help pick a date and location for your wedding and honeymoon

• Avoid risky decisions about venue, dress or activities

• Thinks about a suitable theme

• Plan what time of year to travel

• Plan what clothes and gear to pack for your honeymoon

• Find out more about the climate for popular Australian travel destinations

• Know what you require in a venue, e.g. shade or wind breaks

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Love Weddings

I just LOVE weddings with all it's trimmings. I like to share some photos with you which I love

and a bit of fun.................................................
Flower 2
all their photos are brilliant and so much fun

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A Charming Cottage

I wish I could spend my weekend in this with a good book and a bottle of wine.

Photos from New York Times

Happy Friday everyone

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Wedding wishes come true

My beautiful assistant Jessica is getting married in October. She always wanted fireworks at her wedding and when the council said no to her dream, she fought back and won.

Wishes do come true


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