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Be unique!!

Be unique - be different and this is what this bride has done. Beautiful, elegant and stylish in her Doilies dress, which she made herself.

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Paper art

I just love these! Such an inexpensive way to decorate your wedding reception. You just need some fabulous paper and elbow grease!

Photos are via Design Sponge  Photographer Jen Curtis

Photos from Pepper Design Blog

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Photobooths at receptions are so much fun. They capture hilarious pictures of your wedding guests having fun. Supply a basket filled with props like goofy glasses, feather boas, hats - I am sure you will have a fun time shopping for them in party shops like:

I also found this as an idea:
The Chalkboard Speech Bubble

You can buy them from Photojojo Store

Find some old frames:

Photo via weddingsbycolor

Make your own backdrop:

Photo via weddingsbycolor

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Out of Town Guests

Weddings are a time when families get together. Many travel great distances to be with the bride and groom on their special day. Imagine how they would feel if they receive a “Welcoming basket” with many helpful goodies like. How much you spend is entirely up to you. You can be as lavish as you like, although simply giving a bottle of water and a plate of homemade cookies will let your wedding guests know you care. Consider including items that are reflective of your wedding location. Use your wedding welcome baskets as a creative way to tie everything together & introduce guests, many of them visiting for the first time, to Perth.
Here are some ideas:

Map of Perth
Phone number of taxis, contact numbers of family members
Itinerary of your wedding activities
Sun hat
Sun cream
Things to do and things to see around Perth
Nearest hairdressers for the Ladies
Bottle of wine
.........and do not forget the kids. Give them each a basket filled with goodies to entertain them at the wedding and the parents will love you.
All photos are from Kate Parker Weddings

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