Toastmasters Certificate

I finally got my CC in Toastmasters. It took me almost 2 year to complete. I have learned so much through Toastmasters and have made many friends along the way. I highly recommend it to anyone who would like to improve their business skills or just want to grain confidence.
I certainly learned a lot about myself and I am very proud of my achievement.Anyone would like to know more about it and find a club close by, please visit:

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4 Responses to Toastmasters Certificate

  1. Téa says:

    This is definitely something I would be interested in joining... how do you go about it?

    I am a good speaker but would love to be a REALLY good speaker and boost my confidence up in that regard.

  2. Téa says:

    oh, and congratulations, I know how long it takes to get the CC from toastmasters! its almost like a degree in speaking! :)

  3. Abhishek says:

    Hey, Congrats !! I'm a 6 month old member of toastmasters !! I am also on my way to complete my CC !! :)
    The certificate looks good !!