Brilliant idea!!

What a brilliant idea! Two Birds created one dress ONE SIZE FITS ALL.
It comes in 11 delicious colors and bridesmaids will be thrilled to be able to express their individuality and wear their dresses in a way most flattering and comfortable for them. Strapless, halter, asymmetrical ... get creative!!
They come in calf length or floor length, for less formal or formal weddings.
Even pregnant bridesmaids will look stunning in them.

No more excuses for your bridesmaids not to like the dress …. right?

Check them out Two Birds.

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2 Responses to Brilliant idea!!

  1. mugirlnyc says:

    These are super cute! Great idea!

  2. Téa says:

    LOL Cathrin...

    I would be QUITE prepared to see just how "one size fits all" it is.