How to be more outgoing!

I love blogging! Okay I am an addict! One of the Blogs I love watching is Liene's Blog called Blue Orchid Design. Liene has now started a new Blog called The Smart Planner.
She talks about:
Motivational Monday: Being More Outgoing
"The business gets better when you get better."

I joined Toastmasters almost 3 years ago and have made it to a CC (Competent Communicator). I did not stop there, as I continually enjoy Toastmasters. Next week I am attempting Toastmasters International Competition. Let's see where it will take me! Liene had this clip on her Blog and I like to share it with you. I do not look back and think joining Toastmasters was one of the best things I have ever done.

Watch this

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