I am in heaven!

I love my cakes, biscuits, chocolate ..... you get it! I always encourage my brides and grooms to have a candy buffet or dessert table at their wedding.

I came across this website and I thought I was in heaven! The presentation is absolutely devine, the colours are fantastic. Amy Atlas is a true artist in presenting her sweets. Wish I could import her to Perth! If there is someone like this in Perth PLEASE phone me.

Enjoy her website, I know you will return day after day.

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1 Response to I am in heaven!

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this site! Its amazing and I'm still gushing over it as I write this to you. I am also in Australia and if there is anyone like this in Adelaide please let me know!
    PS: I saw your interview on weddex and your 2 choices for dinner guests was perfect, I love Oprah and absolutely adore Colin Cowie. All the best with your business!