A Magic Dust tip - check out potential supplier reputations before you book...

A Magic Dust tip - check out potential supplier reputations before you book...

I'm constantly amazed that we don't get asked more questions by couples about weddings we've worked on, and couples they can talk to about the Magic Dust experience! It's so very important that you not only feel confident and comfortable with every supplier you ask to work on your wedding, but that you do your homework and check out their credentials before you part with a single penny.

At Magic Dust we actively offer potential clients the opportunity to speak to now-married couples who have recently worked with Magic Dust. We treasure our client feedback, rarely have to ask for it, and are delighted that we have never had a single Magic Dust client who hasn't been happy to offer to speak to new clients on our behalf.

It's far too easy for unscrupulous suppliers to make up testimonials for their website - we have first-hand experience of having our client testimonials copied word-for-word by another wedding planner! We see brand new wedding supplier websites appear with dozens of testimonials already listed on their site - it doesn't take a genius to work out that there's something fishy about this type of activity.

So, please don't be afraid to ask your preferred wedding suppliers to put you in touch with a selection of recent clients that you can actually talk to. Good companies will not hesitate to give you this information because they know how hard they've worked for each and every honest testimonial, and how powerful it is to have satisfied customers telling potential customers how much they valued the services of that supplier. Be wary of any supplier who won't give you this information and please, cross them off your list. If they haven't got strong, honest feedback from clients, do you really want to risk the happiest day of your life in their hands?

Happy wedding planning and here's to all those honest, decent companies in the wedding industry - together with vigilant couples we'll weed out the rotten apples!

Until next time,

Tammy x

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