Wedding Invitation Wizard

In the rush of wedding planning it’s easy to get forgetful. Wedding Invitations done quickly can often be prone to mistakes! Imagine forgetting to add your mother in law’s name. Or forgetting to write the time. Talk about embarrassing!
Then you enter the whole other realm of wording? formality? design? A wedding invitation says a lot about your wedding and prepares guests for what to expect.
The Wedding Wording Wizard is a great tool that takes the hassle out of wedding invitation wording and prevents embarrassing mistakes.
Wedding Wording Wizard:
• mini questionnaire/quiz that asks you about your bridal style, personality, reception plans etc.
• allows you to customize the text
• then it gives u the most fitting invitation wording to match the bride

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1 Response to Wedding Invitation Wizard

  1. How very cool! Negotiating wording for our wedding invitation with two sets of divorced parents (two parents having since repartnered) has been a nightmare!