Being a videographer

I often hear my clients say:”Why should we hire a videographer, it is just another expense.”
Having a photographer taking photos and creating everlasting memories is important, but hiring a videographer is just as important in my opinion.
Your fathers speech will never be captured on photo, the cute flower girl singing along while walking down the aisle cannot be heard on a photograph.
Yes, hiring a videographer is another expense, which I gladly spend on my wedding so long ago and now my grandparent will always be waving to me on my video through they are all long gone.
There are many excellent videographers in Perth, and they work hart behind the scenes to create a video for you and your families to cherish forever and for your children to watch!
Kristen and Craig, from InShot Productions, one of my favourite videographers have put together a video “Behind the scenes”. See for yourself in what it takes to create a video.

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