Abby and Alex

Ceremony was held at UWA Tropical Grove. Surrounded by tropical greenery but eaten alive by mosquitoes. I have never seen a couple being so much in love - they absolutely adore each other.

The Videographers were Forever After. Peter and Alicia were fantastic. Never ending energy those two and I would love to work with them again soon.
Paul Stafford was the DJ for the night. He was a great MC and was in total control of the reception. Thank you Paul!

The reception was held at Tompkins Park. We had views over Perth City. Natasha Roger is the Function coordinator there and she certainly knows how to run a great reception.

Colour theme was Burgundy and Gold and each table was named after a retired cricket player.

Bathroom basket for the Ladies - it certainly came in handy!

Alex the groom gave his bride Abby a gift after his speech. Fireworks for 5 minutes! It was tough to keep it a secret all this time, but was well worth it, seeing her happiness!


Natasja Kremers from NK Photography was the photographer for Abby and Alex's wedding. I love working with her as we always have so much fun together. She is also highly professional and makes everyone feel relaxed. Thank you for the photos!

This is the photo I took of Natasja with HER camera!

Then later she took this one of me!

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