Seating Charts

Seating Charts are often overlooked by the bride and groom, but it is part of an important element to make the evening flow in harmony.

When guests arrive at the reception venue, they like to know where they will sit.
I see it all the time that the ladies would love to find their allocated seat in order to free their hands from their handbag and jacket/shawl.
Now they have their hands free to enjoy their pre-dinner drinks or just mingle with the other guests.

Some reception venues offer you this service by providing you with a basic seating chart, but why not carry through your theme with your seating chart?

Here are some charts I have made for my clients. By all means I am no expert, but at least they match the bride and grooms theme.

This one was made by Alannah Rose (such a talented Lady!)

For your inspiration check out these websites:

Lisa's Elegant Things

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