Blog exchange with Tammy

Once a month I will exchange blogs with a fabulous and passionate wedding planner from the UK. Tammy Willson, Director of Magic Dust.

Tammy enjoyed a successful career in national newspaper advertising in the UK (The Mail on Sunday & The Independent) and magazine publishing (New Woman & Grazia) for over 12 years.
She was the launch Commercial Director of Grazia magazine in the UK and worked on the magazine for nearly 3 years before leaving the industry in early 2007 to focus on Magic Dust.
Tammy is renowned for her incredible organisational skills, love of all things stationery-related and ability to build successful, lasting relationships with many different types of people.
Her passion for Magic Dust is evident to everyone who meets Tammy and it is this, coupled with a refreshing, simple and invaluable approach to wedding planning that continues to delight couples across the country.
Tammy lives in a house that she loves in Bedfordshire with her husband and 3 cats and hopefully I get to meet her when I fly over to Germany/Berlin in June.

Tammy's Blog for the month of March.
A big trend for 2009 - and a timeless one in my humble opinion - is the use of bows. Simple because we can all remember tying your shoe laces for the first time and stylish because nothing says sophisticated like simple, clean lines executed beautifully.

Bridal dress designers are using bows to great effect - check out Vera Wang's over-sized bow and Armani's abstract bow necklines are just stunning without being over-fussy.

There are so many ways to incorporate bows into your day but the key is not to go bow-tastic, one stunning bow element works best...

- personalise your dress by tying a sash into a bow around the waistline
- roll napkins and secure them with a simple ribbon bow
- accessorise your wedding bouquet with a simple satin bow (a la Mrs Willson!)

- use bows to decorate staircases or chair backs, with or without flowers

If you need help perfecting the art of tying the perfect bow, look no further than the lovely Martha Stewart and get practicing!

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