On The Day Co-ordination - a wedding planner's perspective

Way back in September 2007 I first spoke with Diana - she was the very excited winner of a competition we ran with Grazia magazine and Kirsten Goss jewellery!

Eighteen months, numerous emails, meetings & telephone calls later, I pulled up in front of Clearwell Castle, thrilled to be stepping out into glorious sunshine. Thanks to an incredibly organised bride and an On The Day wedding coordinator service that is second to none, I was confident that everyone at the wedding would need to worry about nothing except having a wonderful time.

I had very comfortable shoes on (still pretty ones though!) and was more than prepared for anything that might need a quick response. Admittedly, most of our hard work had been done in the weeks leading up to the wedding. Contacting every supplier involved in the wedding to double-check, then triple-check, details of the bookings, ensure that everybody knew exactly what was expected of them and when, and then deal with the few last-minute issues that arose. All the while keeping Diana in the loop so that she could truly relax and enjoy the last few days of being engaged, knowing that someone who plans and co-ordinates weddings for a living, was in control of everything.

So, it was relatively easy to appear relaxed and happy during the wedding. After all, what newly-married couple wants to be surrounded by fussy, frantic people when they can instead chat with someone they've grown close to over a number of months and who they trust to ensure that they have the day they have meticulously planned, not just the one that is easiest for their suppliers to provide?

We did had a couple of last minute 'issues' and this is what we thrive on - spotting potential problems early enough to make them disappear without ever troubling the bride and groom, or any of their guests. My reward on Saturday was seeing a couple who didn't stop smiling and who took time out of their day to come and thank me for all my help, before I slipped away. When bridesmaids and parents of the happy couple also sought me out to thank me, I was the one smiling like a Cheshire cat and I drove home buzzing with happiness. See, it really is the best job in the world!

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