Please entertain your guests!

When I hold the budgets for my clients I see where the couple distributing their money.
50% of the budget is eaten up by the food and drinks for the reception.
Good food is fantastic and plenty of drinks is without a question, but please entertain your guests.
Don’t overlook the impact that entertainment will have on your guests. Be creative!

To start with, choose a great MC. He/she should be well prepared and have the knowledge of the timeline for reception. He/she should effectively direct the pacing and flow of the events.

Do play some unique games – search the internet for them. DJ’s can often help you with that.
Find those hidden talents in your family – may be some one can do some card tricks or would like to sing a song karaoke style.
Hire a floor show from an agency. Dancers performing a tango or some fire throwers.

Keep your guests involved and entertained and you and your guests will remember your wedding day forever!

BBC Entertainment might give you some inspirations.

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