When we walked into Villa Kula's Showroom, it took our breath away. It was just like you stepped into another world. There are NO words to describe the experience we all had. One has to see it and truly appreciate the beauty of the tents with all the furniture combined with the right lights - Magic does happen. Karl and Vanessa the owners of Villa Kula were perfect hosts and Karl cooked the most delicious meal I ever had. I can not wait for Karl to continue his career as a chef, as I intend to be a very loyal customer! Vanessa has an eye for details and the way she combines textures with colours is just beautiful. 2 creative people and Perth is lucky to have them. We all had a fantastic time, a perfect way to finish an exhausting bridal season.

Vanessa - Jen from Anna Rose - Kristen from InShot Productions - Natasja from NK Photgraphy and me.

Natasja and Kristen warming up!Natasja having fun

Kristen making us all laugh

Laughing lot's makes you tired!

Thank you Natasja and Jen for sharing your photos with me.

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